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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stars and Bars

New Memory Box die, Star Garland! Couldn't WAIT to use it! Just rolled some 1 inch strips through the wave roller and cut the garland from SU! Glimmer Paper. This looks so involved, doesn't it? Why don't y'all do me a favor and continue thinking so! I'm feeling a little low on 'fabulousness' lately, so help a sistah out, why dontcha?? MWAAAAAH!


  1. GORGEOUS! Dang, now there is something else on the "want, need, have to have" list!

  2. That is awesome. You shouldn't have revealed your secret. Ciuld have been right up there with the castle bundt cake that I baked in one of those nordicware pans. Somebody thought I spent hours carving this marvellous cake....yeah right....only people with minions have that kind of time!

  3. Oh! It must have taken a long time to cut out each of those stars and the fine lines to hang them from! I'm impressed (and it is a great design!)

  4. Pat-the fact you thought I had that patience and talent to cut those stars/etc. out is THE NICEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER THOUGHT OF ME!!!! LOL Actually, it's a memory box die cut. One of the new ones for the fall. I HAD to have it! They've got ones with lights instead of stars, I think. They're fantastic! I adore you for your confidence in me!! I mean that with all my heart!